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Saturday, November 28, 2009

An ironical choice of music

A funeral client, arranging her Welsh aunt's funeral, chose 'Land of my Fathers' to play us out at the end. I don't think she saw the irony; her aunt was illegitimate.

After reading the above, a celebrant friend wrote that she'd conducted a funeral for a young man "of heroic proportions" -
He weighed well over twenty stone. He was carried in by his mates to the old '70s Hollies' hit, "He ain't heavy he's my brother". Six of them carried him in, staggering, sweating and wobbling all over the place.

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Charles Cowling said...

More musical irony, this one from Colin Hunt at the Society of Crematorium Organists:

'Today's idiocy....funeral of a suicide who jumped off a cliff. Family chose as the exit music a cd of "Come fly with me"....'