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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cadavers wanted

One of the people who responded to Claire Rayner's dilemma (see last post) suggested that since Claire had been a nurse she was surprised she hadn't considered donating her body to science, avoiding the need for a conventional funeral.

Now, why didn't I think of that? I've got the forms to donate my body to a teaching hospital near here - must get around to filling them in.

There's a shortage of cadavers, so medical students are not being given the opportunity to dissect real bodies, which isn't good.

After dissection, the bodies aren't simply discarded - they're cremated, with a committal ceremony attended by medical staff. A friend who died last year donated her body to science. Her family received a lovely thank you letter from the medical school, and a copy of the committal service address.

To donate your body, see the link on the right.


CW said...

I don't know whether this is true in the UK as well, but I've been told that the number of female cadavers available to students is a lot lower than the number of male ones, apparently (I'm in Perth, Western Australia). So you'd really be doing a service, I guess. I like the idea of donating my body to science, too.

(Oh and hello, I found your blog via Flickr! :) )

Margaret said...

Hi CW,
I wonder why fewer women donate their bodies? Is it because women don't like the idea of strangers seeing them naked, even when they're dead? I looked for a link to a Flickr photostream but couldn't find one - do you have one? Will read your blog again. Thanks for your comment, Margaret

TutleyMutley said...

Came here via BCUK - I really like the idea of donating my body to science. Ta, Margaret.

CW said...

Hi Margaret, no idea why, it's a bit strange isn't it? I mean, if you're dead you're not going to know who's looking at your wobbly bits ;)

My Flickr photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cwiebrands/


Margaret said...

You're welcome Terri.

CW, have made you a Flickr contact. You've got an amazing number of books and pens!
Tutleymutley and I are members of Book Crossing (though I've hardly started yet). Has it reached Australia yet? When my son was in Australia and New Zealand not long ago, believe he released a few books after he'd read them, without the benefit of Book Crossing.

Rillaith said...

Just wanted to let you know (having come here from your BCUK post) that the second link is now here instead.

CW said...

Thanks Margaret, have made you a contact also! I love the view from your office window. My view can't compare (I have no pictures because it's so boring - walls and weeds).

I know of Book Crossing but I am a bit pathetic and can't bear to "throw" books away. Although I love lending and recommending them...

Margaret said...

Thanks Rillaith - have changed the link.