When I retired as a humanist celebrant I thought I'd stop writing this blog, but my fascination with all things death-related prompted more posts. They're just written from a slightly different perspective, that's all. Oh, and I still do the odd one, by special request.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Foggy funeral

Foggy funeral, originally uploaded by Sparrows' Friend.
The thing about burials is, you never know what to expect weatherwise. Sturdy footwear, thermal underwear and waterproofs are essential in winter.


Charles Cowling said...

If you're a celebrant, above all, soles which have grip and traction. That hole is deep and it is perilous.

Doesn't undertakers' garb look absurdly urban at a woodland burial? Should they not adopt something rural (but appropriately anachronistic)? A Norfolk suit? Lincoln green?

Very good to have you back!

Aphra said...

I've been told that it's not practical to have alternative dress for green burials, as they're usually so busy there isn't time to change between funerals. Only enough time to clean the mud off their shoes!